Our Wax Melting Unit also has a bright LED light kit that can be controlled by a wireless remote control.   Prefect for attracting attention Indoor/Outdoor     Day/Night !  

As a Waxed Hands Franchisee, you will have access to ALL the latest and greatest in the constantly evolving art of making Waxed Hands and other forms of life casting. An example of this is our Wax Melting Unit!

The Height of our Wax Melting Unit is easily adjustable.  By simply pulling a lever the unit will retract down making it easy to make Waxed Hands for little children or someone in a wheelchair.   With just a few easy pumps using your foot, you are then able to raise the unit back up to adult height.

  Our Wax Melting Unit can easily converted in seconds from a 1 artist unit to a 2 artist unit depending on the size of your event.

Our Wax Melting Unit has a transportation lid that is sealed with just two latches making it easy to travel with liquid wax.