1 Waxed Hands artist can create around 25 Waxed Hands sculptures per hour!  Multiple artists tackle larger events with over 100 attendees.   

Ages 5 and older can shape there hands into any passion imaginable and then color it any color in the Rainbow (Plus Black and White)

A Waxed Hands artist comes to your event and guides your guest through the unique process of sculpting there hands in melted wax.   The experience is safe and fun for anyone, any age to enjoy.    

We have pretty good luck getting sculptures of babies feet new born to

‚Äč5 months old

More often then not we are able to get at least some kind of hand sculpture for children 6 month old to 4 year old.   However, sometimes participants are unable to keep there hand motionless long enough to make a presentable sculpture.  

Waxed Hands also offers many other exciting services in the Chicago, IL area

We have both indoor and outdoor setups making us able to service everything from a small birthday party with 5 - 20 kids to cooperate events with 100s of attendees.