One way is the fun and memorable experience of dunking your hand into melted wax in order to create a  Waxed Hands sculpture. 

​​The process is still safe for anyone, any age!

(even dogs and cats) 

Waxed Hands brings the fun to you with experienced Waxed Hands Artists along with there

portable wax melting units!

(A Waxed Hands artist can create around

25 Waxed Hands per hour!

This process is safe and enjoyable for anyone, any age.  It only takes about 2 minutes for a Waxed Hands artists to guide you through the interesting experience of sculpting your hand into melted wax.   

There are a few different ways these sculptures are made 

The other way is by having a Waxed Hands artist create a detailed life cast replica out of plaster using wax and other casting materials.