Afterwords, a Veteran Waxed Hands Artists comes to 

YOUR TOWN for training


 Being a Waxed Hands Artist not only brings you many rewarding experiences.  But also, provides you with a lucrative income.    

 TIP:  Find a friend or family member to join you in your Waxed Hands journey.  

2 Waxed Hands Artists can work at the same time on the same wax melting unit.  This cut's start up

costs in HALF


DOUBLES income!

We provide you with EVERYTHING you need to run your OWN successful wax melting unit generating up to

$100 AN HOUR!


We find and book the jobs for you! 

FUN FACT: You make as much money making Waxed Hands for

8 hours as you do working minimum wage for 80 hours! 

Franchise Package starting at


We start off by planning your 1st year as either a part time or full time Waxed Hands Artist.

(75% of your jobs will be on Saturday making it possible to hold a full time job during the week!)